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How to install gentoo on xen vps

This article will show how to create a xen gentoo vps. mkdir /tmp/gentoo && cd /tmp/gentoo links http://www.gentoo.org/main/en/mirrors.xml Choose your mirror and download stage3 file – latest release something like stage3-amd64-20120308.tar.bz2 <code>tar xvjpf stage3-*.tar.bz2</code> One more time choose a mirror <code>links http://www.gentoo.org/main/en/mirrors.xml</code> Get the latest portage from snapshots and untar it. ( usually it's snapshots/portage-latest.tar.bz2 […]


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Disable ipv6 on centos 5 6 or other system like debian ubuntu

Usually it’s very important to disable ipv6 feature , anyway on the most virtual servers it’s not in use, also it’s interfere in the work of commands like netstat -n  or iptables. In this article I will show how to disable ipv6 definitivly from the server. first of all echo “options ipv6 disable=1″ > /etc/modprobe.d/disable-ipv6 […]

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passwd: Authentication token manipulation error

If you run password and get this error “passwd: Authentication token manipulation error,” you should type the following command pwconv It will regenerate /etc/shadow file and fix the problem. If you have any other suggestions please tell me.

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How to convert openvz template to xen centos 6

This article is about converting openvz template to xen, especially CentOS 6 First download the it from here http://wiki.openvz.org/Download/template/precreated   Now, the list of commands for installing it first create an lvm or image disk for 20GB for example lvcreate -n /dev/Your Volume Group Nam/xen-vps-disk -L 20G mkfs.ex4 /dev/Your Volume Group Nam/xen-vps-disk Create a swap […]

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